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2. What do correlational studies tell us?

  • That the researcher doesn't know the hypothesis of the experiment
  • That there is a relationship between two variables
  • That one variable causes an affect in another
  • That the study has high ecological validity

3. What is not a weakness of the SRRS

  • Ethnocentric
  • Large sample studied
  • Doesn't separate negative life events from positive ones
  • Whether a life event is stressful is open to interpretation

4. In Holmes and Rahe's study of life changes, how many medical records were studied?

  • 2500
  • 700
  • 5000
  • 500

5. Which statement describes the Resistance stage of GAS?

  • After long term exposure our bodies can no longer cope with the stressor
  • The stressor remains for a long time so our bodies adapt to the situation
  • Our bodies perceive a stressor
  • The heart rate increases in the body


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Good quiz, tests you on important details!

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