Stress and stress management

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1. what is the elasticity model?

  • engineering roots, load becomes to heavy to bear, metal collapses
  • stress should be viewed as a neutral term and in itself not a bad thing
  • stress is biological response
  • Fight or flight model
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2. What is a strength of elasticity model

  • it tells us how our body reacts to stress
  • explains why we get motivated why we get motivated by stress
  • explains multiple stressors
  • positive model

3. What did Looker and Gregson say stress can be like?

  • Good, Bad, Ugly
  • good, bad and evil
  • nice, lovely, joyous
  • Good, frantic, humiliating

4. What is Stress?

  • a social response
  • a term used to describe where we are
  • A term used to say hello
  • term used to describe a wide range of feelings, symptoms,emotions and situations
  • hard to define


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