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2. What are the effects of sympathetic nervous system

  • cancer
  • increased heart rate, breathing rate, sweating and trembling
  • cardiovascular disorder
  • serosis of the liver

3. what evidence is against dopamine?

  • all correct
  • Liberzon et al-PTSD in war veterans when hearing combat sounds
  • Vaughn Bell- "Kim Kardashian of neurotransmitters " as its fashionable to blame dopamine for addictions

4. What does a sudden stressor lead to?

  • An acute stress response
  • a chronic stress response
  • A heart attack
  • A seizure.

5. A strength of the chronic stress response?

  • Social Support-Seltzer-Girls 7-12 had contact with mums after a traumatic experience which showed increased oxytocin and decreased cortisol levels.
  • all correct
  • Two effects of stress- Up Regulation (ST stress) and down regulation (LT stress) (decreased efficiency)
  • Evans-SIGA protects against infection when giving talks but during long term stress the SIGA decreases.


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