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2. Chronic stress responses

  • cortisol-regulates the immune system and central nervous system
  • Effects on health-Immunosupression- Immune system shuts down. Effects on memory-cortisol impairs memory Sabrina Kuhlmann administered cortisol to women who were asked to recall 30 words and they struggled to remember.
  • All correct
  • Prenatal stress-cortisol crosses over the placenta. Thomas O'conner et al - 75 children aged over 10 showed increased cortisol levels if mothers experienced stress during pregnancy

3. What is one of the chronic stress responses most commonly known as?

  • HPA axis
  • SAM
  • Sympathomedullary Pathway
  • Autonomic nervous system

4. A strength of the chronic stress response?

  • Social Support-Seltzer-Girls 7-12 had contact with mums after a traumatic experience which showed increased oxytocin and decreased cortisol levels.
  • all correct
  • Two effects of stress- Up Regulation (ST stress) and down regulation (LT stress) (decreased efficiency)
  • Evans-SIGA protects against infection when giving talks but during long term stress the SIGA decreases.

5. Once the SNS is activated the SAM sends neurons to which part of the brain

  • Nucleus Accumbens
  • Adrenal Medulla
  • Frontal Cortex
  • Medulla Oblongata


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