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2. A long period of stress leads to

  • tumour
  • A chronic stress response
  • cancer
  • An acute stress response

3. HANS selye gas model components

  • Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion
  • Alertness, Releavation, Ending
  • Alertness, Rendering, Exhaustion
  • Alarm, Relevation, Exhaustion

4. What do all the letters stand for in the HPA axis

  • H- hypothalamus P-pituatory A-Adrenal Medulla
  • H-Hippocampus P-pituatory A-Adrenala Medulla
  • H-Hippocampus P- pituatory A-Amygdala
  • H-Hypothalamus P-Pituatory A-Amygdala

5. What are the acute stress responses

  • fight or flight, link to evolution, SAM system , effects on the heart
  • Fight or fight, evolutionary,
  • "Tend or befriend"
  • release of adrenaline


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