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1. what evidence is against dopamine?

  • all correct
  • Liberzon et al-PTSD in war veterans when hearing combat sounds
  • Vaughn Bell- "Kim Kardashian of neurotransmitters " as its fashionable to blame dopamine for addictions
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2. What is supporting evidence for the acute stress response?

  • Jonathon Leor et al-Northridge california earthquake links to cardiovascular disorders. Cardiomyopathy is a condition arising from traumatic experience that is commonly mistaken for a heart attack.
  • Joel Dismdale - Cannot blame stress for the heart disorders as there are other factors contributing to this such as high cholestrol.
  • Lieu et al-Ill people are more stressed than healthy people
  • Shelley Taylor et al - Females react to stress differently as the "Tend and Befriend hypothesis" shows that women will nurture young (tend) and make social interactions (befriend) when they are stressed.

3. what are the effects of adrenaline in the blood?

  • increased blood pressure
  • blot clots
  • increased oxygen and glucose supply in the brain
  • inflammation

4. Whats Griffiths 6 characteristics of addiction?

  • Salience-most important thing is the addiction, mood modification-behaviours change when the addictive substance alters the mood pathway, tolerance-take more of the substance to get desired effect,withdrawal symptoms, conflict and relapse
  • Conflict, mood swings, hallucinations.
  • Alarm,resistance, exhaustion
  • D2 receptors

5. what are issues with the stress response

  • Nestor lopez duran et al-Variation in cortisol in children in stressful situations and boys have a greater response to the stressors.
  • cause and effect of cortisol and illness as eating, sleeping, alcohol, caffeine all increase cortisol levels
  • all correct
  • Miller et al- lack of longitudinal studies. so more research should be done.


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