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2. What is secreted by the pituatory gland

  • ACTH
  • Noradrenaline
  • CRH
  • Adrenaline

3. Whats Griffiths 6 characteristics of addiction?

  • Conflict, mood swings, hallucinations.
  • Alarm,resistance, exhaustion
  • Salience-most important thing is the addiction, mood modification-behaviours change when the addictive substance alters the mood pathway, tolerance-take more of the substance to get desired effect,withdrawal symptoms, conflict and relapse
  • D2 receptors

4. What are the effects of sympathetic nervous system

  • cancer
  • increased heart rate, breathing rate, sweating and trembling
  • cardiovascular disorder
  • serosis of the liver

5. Chronic stress responses

  • Effects on health-Immunosupression- Immune system shuts down. Effects on memory-cortisol impairs memory Sabrina Kuhlmann administered cortisol to women who were asked to recall 30 words and they struggled to remember.
  • Prenatal stress-cortisol crosses over the placenta. Thomas O'conner et al - 75 children aged over 10 showed increased cortisol levels if mothers experienced stress during pregnancy
  • All correct
  • cortisol-regulates the immune system and central nervous system


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