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Hans Selye
Injected rats to find common denominator for stress- 'None specific response of the body to any demand for change'
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5 biggest stressors
Work, finance, personal relationships, family responsibility, wider economy
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Breakdown of coping behaviour
Alarm- adaption- exhaustion
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Stimulus based approach
Stimulus breaks down coping behaviour
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Response based approach
Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome- alarm/ defence/ fight or flight
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Resistance to stressor
Adaption or return to equilibrium replaces alarm response
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3 responses
physical/ emotional and cognitive/ behavioural
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2 different strategies
Emotion based response/ Problem based response
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Life events
Holmes and Rahe's Social readjustment scale- 43 most stressful life events
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2 Physiological indicators of stress
Cardiovascular reactivity/ Endocrine reactivity
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Model- relationship between individual and environment
Transactional model- dynamic cognitive imbalance/ disruption of homoeostasis
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Lazarus and Folkman 3 stages
Appraisal (primary and secondary)/ Coping/ Response
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Peterson and Seligman
9/11 attacks- people in NY more pro-social- returned to baseline levels
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Post traumatic growth helped by
Psychosocial modifiers/ Resilience- capacity for adaption
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Overcoming perfectionism
recognise tendency/ challenge thoughts and take perspective/ realistic standards/ reward self
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Szabo and Hopkinson
15 min news broadcast then 15 min progressive muscle relaxation or lecture (attention diverting task- muscle relaxation returned stress to baseline but controls didn't
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Curry and Kasser
Adult colouring
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Post Traumatic Growth- 30-70% of survivors of life-threatening trauma say they've experinced positive change
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Organismic Valuing Theory
Breakdown in self-structure/ cognitive need to process trauma but intrinsically motivated to maximise psychological well being
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Taking stock, harvesting hope, Re-authoring, Identifying change, Valuing change, Expressing change in action
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5 biggest stressors


Work, finance, personal relationships, family responsibility, wider economy

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Breakdown of coping behaviour


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Stimulus based approach


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Response based approach


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