Storm Hazard - Typhoon Haiyan

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8th November 2013 (1 of 8 tropical storms to affect Phillippines in 2013)
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Yolanda, Philippines (predicted path was different from actual path)
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About storm:
category 5 (stongest storm to ever hit land), 6m storm surge in Tacloban Bay, wind speed 315 km/h, caused flooding + landslides
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Social Impacts
+1mill homes damaged, +6,000 DEAD, +14 mill affected, 6mill displaced, lack sanitation, water, food, medication =outbreaks of disease, Tacloban government devistated 70/2,500 able to work, widespread looting
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Economic Impacts
cost over $20bn to Philippines (5% GDP), +6 mill of pop. lost source of income, agicultural land destroyed- loss int trade, Tacloban airport damaged -loss of touism, fishing industry: loss 30,000 boats and equipment, mobile phone coverage lost
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Environmental impacts
70,000 hectares agricultural land damaged, 1000s trees uprooted: release of CO2 and loss habitat (wildfire risk) blocked roads, oil spill affect mangroves, secondary- stagnant water attracted mosquitoes = malaria
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Short term responses
UK government provided food, shelter, clean water, medicine + supplies for 800,000 victims, NGOs provide food, water, shelter (e.g. WFP world food programme), president requested helicopters from military
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what happened one day after typhoon
Philippines declared 'A State of National Calamity' and asked for international help
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What mitigation
Philippines' meteorological agency, warning 2 days before: evacuation approx 750,000 residents
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Long term responses
NGOs repairing fishing boats, distributing rice seeds, UN launched international aid appeal Dec 2013 for £480m to finance humanitarian relief effort for 2014
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Yolanda, Philippines (predicted path was different from actual path)

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About storm:


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Social Impacts


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