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2. what is thinking distance?

  • the distance a car travels while the driver reacts to the danger and applies the breaks
  • the distance it takes for the driver to react to dangerous stimuli
  • the distance the car takes to 'recognise' the driver applied the breaks
  • the distance between driver looking up from their phone and realising the police are after them,they've gone the wrong way and they forgot to buy the bread

3. Which of the below does not affect stopping distance?

  • friction between the tyres and road
  • mass of the vehicle
  • the weight on the object
  • state of the breaks

4. Which of the below changes thinking distance?

  • state of the road
  • speed
  • state of the brakes
  • amount of friction between the tyres and the road

5. How may a vehicle with a high mass affect braking distance?

  • increases because it creates more friction
  • It increases as it takes more force to stop a vehicle with a higher mass
  • Decreases as it take more force to stop a vehicle with a higher mass
  • decreases because it makes less friction


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