Stopping distances test

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1. What is braking distance?

  • the distance a car travels while slowing down
  • the proximity between you and that one person...
  • the distance it takes for the brakes to be applied
  • the distance it takes for the wheel of the car to rotate when braking
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2. How doesn't the speed of a vehicle affect stopping distance?

  • decreases thinking distance
  • trick question!
  • increases thinking distance
  • increases braking distance

3. Which of the below changes thinking distance?

  • speed
  • amount of friction between the tyres and the road
  • state of the brakes
  • state of the road

4. What may a slippery road do to braking distance?

  • trick question
  • decreases
  • Increase
  • keep it the same

5. How does the mass of a vehicle affect thinking distance?

  • decreases
  • may increase or decrease
  • Not at all
  • increases


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