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2. How doesn't the speed of a vehicle affect stopping distance?

  • decreases thinking distance
  • increases thinking distance
  • increases braking distance
  • trick question!

3. How may a vehicle with a high mass affect braking distance?

  • decreases because it makes less friction
  • Decreases as it take more force to stop a vehicle with a higher mass
  • It increases as it takes more force to stop a vehicle with a higher mass
  • increases because it creates more friction

4. what is thinking distance?

  • the distance between driver looking up from their phone and realising the police are after them,they've gone the wrong way and they forgot to buy the bread
  • the distance it takes for the driver to react to dangerous stimuli
  • the distance a car travels while the driver reacts to the danger and applies the breaks
  • the distance the car takes to 'recognise' the driver applied the breaks

5. How does the mass of a vehicle affect thinking distance?

  • Not at all
  • may increase or decrease
  • increases
  • decreases


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