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Taking girl under 18 out of fathers care
Prince (1875)
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Butcher selling unfit meat
Callow V Tillstone (1900)
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Lotto ticket sold to under 16
Shah and Shah (1999)
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Selling intoxicating liquor to drunk
Cundy V Le Cocq
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Being an Illegal alien
Larsonneur (1933)
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forged prescriptions and the selling of drugs
Pharmaceutical society of great Britain V Storkwain Ltd (1986)
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kicked out of hospital. Found drunk on highway by police. State of affairs
Winzar v Chief Constable of Kent (1983)
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Freeze dried human Foetus's as earring's in public art gallery
Gibson and Sylveire (1991)
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Smoking dope in rented house
Sweet V Parsley (1969)
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Jesus described as a homosexual in magazine
Lemon and Whitehouse V Gay news (1979) (blasphemous Libel)
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Dumping of waste into river by business
Alphacell (1972)
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15 year old on bus asks 13 year old girl for a "shiner" thinking she is over 14
B V DPP (2000)
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DJ illegally transmitting on wireless telegraphy by accident.
Blake (1997)
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Leak in pipe caused by seal defect. resulted in pollution
Environment agency V Brook plc (1998)
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Boy (15) had sex with girl (12) believing she was 15
R V G (2008)
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Absolute Liability
Need no Mens Rea or Voluntary Actus Reus
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Strict Liability
Mens rea need not be proved for one area of a crime but may be required for another
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No fault liability
D liable even if not blameworthy if Actus reus voluntary
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No Due diligence defense
unless in act of parliament D guilty even if all possible care taken
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NO defense of mistake
liable even for genuine mistake 3
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3 Common law strict liability offences
Public Nuisance, Criminal Libel, Outraging public decency
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offences that are strict liability
over 3500
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Gammon Tests
presumption of Mens rea, displaced if; wording of statue, crime truly criminal, issue of social concern and public safety, encouraging greater vigilance to prevent act happening
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Quasi-Criminal offences
regulatory offences. effect businesses mostly
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Butcher selling unfit meat


Callow V Tillstone (1900)

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Lotto ticket sold to under 16


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Selling intoxicating liquor to drunk


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Being an Illegal alien


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