Stimmung Related repertoire

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"Communicate the spiritual power that he sees as music's essentail purpose"
The guardian comment on Arvo Part
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"Tintinnabuli is mathematically exact"
Arvo Part on his own type of composition
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The shadows of the word ( the after sound after a bell is rung)
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Holy Minnimalism/Mystic minnimalism
Relgious focused music that is based on only a few chords and repeated cycles.
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Bar 1-4. Arvo Part's Magnificant 1989.
Soprano 1 remains on a C.
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All in a homphonic texture (Stimmung related rep)
Arvo Part's Magnificat and Missa Syllabica. Taverner's "The Lamb"
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Sections seperated by silences
"Kyrie Eleison" 6 beats rest "Kyrie Eleison" 6 beats rest "Kyrie eleison" 9 beats rest "Christie Eleison"
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Tintinnabuli technique.
Tenor 1 sings notes of D minor triad, tenor 2 sings stepwise movement. Krie Missa Syllabica Arvo Part.
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Syllabic text setting. (Stimmung related rep)
The lamb. (Taverner) Magnificat (Arvo Part) and Kyrie from Missa Sylabbica (Arvo part)
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Microtone "Break in the voice" from byzantine chant
"Darkeness" Tenor Solo Tarverners "God is with us"
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James Macmillian Connection to stockhhousen
Organ Part in minimalist ostinato syle (but Macmillion is not a minimlaist composer) aleatoric music as the phrase is left to the performer to decide.
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Drama of Organ
Taverner FFFF Organ for "Christ is born". (God is with us) MacMillan (a new Song) Dramatic organ triplets from bar 63 to end.
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"Tintinnabuli is mathematically exact"


Arvo Part on his own type of composition

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Holy Minnimalism/Mystic minnimalism


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Bar 1-4. Arvo Part's Magnificant 1989.


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