Still Life at the Penguin Cafe

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1. Which of these best describes the costume of the Great Auk/penguin?

  • Black tuxedo suit with orange leg warmers, a red bow tie and white gloves
  • Waitor's uniform- black shirt and trousers, a white apron, holding a tray of glasses, a penguin mask
  • Black penguin mask, black tail coat and trousers, white shirt, white bow tie, orange legwarmers
  • Oversized full body penguin costume with white bow tie
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2. What makes the Great Auk different from the other animals in the dance?

  • It is the only animal dressed in human clothes
  • It is extinct, the others are endangered
  • It has a mask but the other animal costumes don't
  • It is the only animal to take of its mask in the dance

3. What prop is used by the zebra?

  • Waitor's tray with wine glasses
  • Fabric
  • African fly whisks
  • Feather boa

4. What style does the Utah Ram dance in?

  • Tap
  • latin
  • ballroom/1920s/Hollywood
  • Russian ballet

5. Which section focuses on an endandered environment, rather than an endangered animal?

  • Great Auk
  • Rainforest Family
  • Utah Longhorn Ram
  • Texan Kangaroo Rat


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