Still Life at the Penguin Cafe

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1. Which section focuses on an endandered environment, rather than an endangered animal?

  • Rainforest Family
  • Great Auk
  • Texan Kangaroo Rat
  • Utah Longhorn Ram
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2. Who designed the lighting for Still Life?

  • Richard Alston
  • John B Read
  • Matthew Bourne
  • David Mohr

3. Who designed the costumes for Still Life?

  • Andy Pink
  • Hayden Griffin
  • Simon Jeffes
  • Genevieve Bennett

4. What style does the Texan kangaroo rat dance in?

  • Ballroom
  • Western/country
  • Lyrical ballet
  • Classical ballet

5. What style does the Utah Ram dance in?

  • Tap
  • latin
  • ballroom/1920s/Hollywood
  • Russian ballet


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