Stereotyping, Prejudice and discrimination

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What is stereotyping?
An oversimplified, generalised set of ideas that we have about others.
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What is prejudice?
A rigid set of attitudes or beliefs towards particular groups of people.
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What is discrimination?
The way and individual behaves towards any other person or group as a result of their prejudiced view.
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What is an authoritarian personality?
A personality type that is prone to being prejudice.
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What is an in-group?
A group of people you have something in common with.
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What is an out-group?
A group of people whom you believe you have nothing in common with.
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Rubin et al. investigated stereotyping, what was their methods?
Parents were asked to describe their new born babies within 24 hours of them being born.
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Adorno investigated the link between prejudice and personality, what was his method?
Hundreds of people were interviewed and tested using the F-scale.
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Sherif investigated prejudice between groups, what was his method?
A(US)summer camp was set up for 22 boys.They were randomly split into 2 teams and kept away from eachother.Not knowing that another group existed.Left to know eachother.They discovered eachother. Staff set up competitions with a prize.
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Tajfel investigated in and out groups, what was his method?
14-15 year old boys were randomly assigned to 2 groups. Given a game to play to award pairs of points. They were told that points could be swapped for prizes at the end.
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Aronson investigated reducing prejudice and discrimination, what was his method?
Using the jigsaw method in Texas. It involved students being mixed in race groups, each taking responsibility for a part of the lesson, they then had to teach the other students in another group.
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Sherif investigated reduceing prejudice, what was his method?
Arranging activities did not work, so he arranged that a truck got stuck in the mud, the boys had to work together to get it out otherwise they would miss their dinner.
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Elliot investigated reducing prejudice, what was her conclusion?
Elliot believes by getting the children to experience first hand what it felt like to be victims of prejudice and discrimination, these children would grow up the be more tolerant to others.
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Harwood investigated reducing prejudice, what was his results?
Children who had regular contact with grandparents held positive views towards the elderly (qustionnaire and interview)
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What is prejudice?


A rigid set of attitudes or beliefs towards particular groups of people.

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What is discrimination?


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What is an authoritarian personality?


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What is an in-group?


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Very useful flash cards which could be used by anyone studying prejudice and discrimination!

Tom the destroyer

The authoritarian personality one needs some work. Are they discriminated against or do they discriminate?


they are really helpful i just struggle with remembering who done what study 


really good i agree with Tom the destroyer though


really helpful 


These were very good, 10/10 IGN would recommend!  :) 



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