Stengths and Weaknesses of Data Presentation

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1. Which techniques are hard to construct?

  • Flow lines, desire lines and trip lines
  • Bar and line graphs
  • Choropleth, isoline, triangular, kite and logorithmic graphs
  • Sketch maps and field sketches
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2. What is used when one variable is a directional feature?

  • Radial Diagrams
  • Kite Diagrams
  • Dispersion Graphs
  • Flow lines, desire lines and trip lines

3. Which technique can only be used with continuous data?

  • Line Graph
  • Bar Graph
  • Pie Chart
  • Scattergraph

4. What is an isobar, isotherm, isohyets and isohel examples of?

  • Isonline Graphs
  • Dot maps
  • Radial Diagrams
  • Kite Diagrams

5. What are triangular graphs useful for?

  • Showing the relationship between three different components
  • Show percentage change
  • Show a range of values in a data set
  • Using in combination with Spearman's rank


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