Statutory Interpretation

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1. What happened in R v Inhabitants of Sedgley?

  • He parked his taxi on private land, but he still got customers from the street- guilty
  • Rates could be charged on 'land, titles and coal mines', so they couldnt be charged on any mine apart from coal mines
  • He killed his mother to inherit her estate
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2. Ratio of Fisher v Bell

  • Betting shop wasn't indoors, so not guilty
  • Weapons were an 'invation to treat'- so inviting customers to make offers to buy goods- aquitted
  • Cloth bag wasnt the same as a case or canister, guilty

3. What does Noscitur a sociis mean?

  • 'a word is known by the company it keeps'
  • 'closed list'
  • 'mention of thing excludes another'
  • 'of the same kind'

4. What was decided in Pepper v Hart?

  • Lord Giffiths said we could use extraneous material
  • Lord Denning decided he was wong
  • Lord Simmonds decided that he was wrong

5. Which case explains the literal rule- 'natural and ordinary meaning'?

  • Cheeseman
  • Pinner v Everett
  • Magor and St Mellons v Newport Corporation
  • Re Sigsworth


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