Statutory Interpretation

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1. What was the word interpreted in Muir v Keay, and what was held?

  • 'entitled'- not guilty, a dead person is not actually entitled to vote
  • 'entertainment'- it included drinking coffee, not just musical or theatre. So D committed an offence
  • 'street'- she was found guilty because the action was included in the Acts intention
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2. Ratio of Fisher v Bell

  • Betting shop wasn't indoors, so not guilty
  • Weapons were an 'invation to treat'- so inviting customers to make offers to buy goods- aquitted
  • Cloth bag wasnt the same as a case or canister, guilty

3. Facts of Adler v George, and which rule/approach?

  • Golden Rule (Broad Approach)- Got into RAF Station, which was restricted. it was an offence to be in vicinity of prohibited place
  • Killed his mother in order to inherit her estate
  • His partner died, who had been the tenant of the house, but they had lived together for 20 years

4. Singh v Bhakar was a case about bullying, why was the woman found guilty?

  • She wasnt found guilty
  • Even though the Act intended to prevent stalkers it could include victims of bullying
  • She was stalking the victim

5. What does Bulmer LTD v Bollinger SA tell us?

  • The EU used the purposive approach, so why shouldnt we?
  • The US uses the purposive approach, so why shouldnt we?
  • We shouldn't use the purposive approach


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