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2. What were the words interpreted in R v Allen?

  • 'plying for hire'
  • 'marry'- either to go through with it, or legally marry
  • 'street'

3. What was the word interpreted in Muir v Keay, and what was held?

  • 'entertainment'- it included drinking coffee, not just musical or theatre. So D committed an offence
  • 'street'- she was found guilty because the action was included in the Acts intention
  • 'entitled'- not guilty, a dead person is not actually entitled to vote

4. In Wood v Commissioner of Metro Police, what was the broken glass no EG with?

  • 'house office room or other place'
  • 'gun, pistol, cutlass, bludgeon or any other weapon'
  • 'lands titles and coal mines'

5. What is the Broad Approach?

  • Explanation of Purposive approach
  • Part of Mischief Rule
  • only one meaning, but adapted to avoid an absurd result
  • Explaination of Literal Rule


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