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2. What happened in Jones v Tower Boot Co.?

  • A man tried to marry two people, this was illegal
  • Employee suffered racial harrassment, it was illegal to suffer harrassment during the course of employment
  • A man was killed whilst cleaning the railways, his wife tried to claim for it

3. Which rule of language is a closed list?

  • Expressio unius est exclusio alterius
  • Noscitur a sociis
  • Ejusdem Generis

4. Facts of Wood v Commissioner of Metro Police

  • Police went to D's house, he slammed the door and broke the window. He then used a bit of broken glass to hurt an officer and was charged with having an offensive weapon
  • He opened his coffee shop after hours, without a licence
  • He used the vote of a dead person

5. What were the words interpreted in RCN v DHSS?

  • 'registered medical pracitioner'
  • 'plying for hire'
  • 'street'


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