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2. Ratio of Re Sigsworth

  • Actions were included in the Act's intention
  • No ambiguity but judges decided it would be 'repugnant to public policy' so Parliament couldnt have intended it
  • 'vicinity of' should be near/on the place- guilty

3. Which rule of language is a closed list?

  • Expressio unius est exclusio alterius
  • Noscitur a sociis
  • Ejusdem Generis

4. What does Noscitur a sociis mean?

  • 'of the same kind'
  • 'closed list'
  • 'a word is known by the company it keeps'
  • 'mention of thing excludes another'

5. In Wood v Commissioner of Metro Police, what was the broken glass no EG with?

  • 'gun, pistol, cutlass, bludgeon or any other weapon'
  • 'lands titles and coal mines'
  • 'house office room or other place'


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