Stalin- The Power Struggle

As level history quiz on the first chapter of the Stalin Unit: 1924-1929

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1. Although all the contenders in the power struggle had a Politburo seat, who was only a 'candidate member', and therefore had no vote?

  • Bukharin
  • Kamenev
  • Trotsky
  • Zinoviev
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2. Which two contenders had positions on the Sovnarkom?

  • Trotsky & Stalin
  • Trotsky & Zinoviev
  • Zinoviev & Kamenev
  • Stalin & Kamenev

3. What was the policy of the Right on world revolution?

  • 'Socialism in one country'
  • 'Permanent revolution'
  • 'Socialism at a snail's pace'
  • 'Bureaucratic degenaration'

4. What was the policy of the Left on industrialisation?

  • 'The dictatorship of industry'
  • 'Socialism at a snail's pace'
  • 'Bonapartism'
  • 'Socialism in one country'

5. Who was the General Secretary of the party at the time of Lenin's death?

  • Tomsky
  • Stalin
  • Bukharin
  • Trotsky


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