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2. How would an employee benefit from expansion?

  • Greater job security
  • Fewer competitors
  • less involved

3. How will shareholders be affected?

  • Less profit
  • Increased profit, may have to invest more money, they'll have less power as there'll be more shares
  • they'll have more power as there'll be less shares available

4. How would suppliers be in a weaker position if a business expanded?

  • they'll need to protect their interests
  • Larger firms will want to supply them so it will be difficult to compete with their prices
  • larger firms will want to supply them so they'll look good

5. How would the local community be affected?

  • Noise pollution, traffic, more jobs
  • Noise pollution, more jobs, they'll get some of the profit



A very good set of revision questions that can be used as a quick break from reading and to test understanding so far.


nice one m8


nice one m8


nice one m8

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