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2. What is the fourth stage of a Bill's passage called?

  • Debate Stage
  • Report Stage
  • Amendment Stage
  • Commencement Stage

3. Where do most Bills start?

  • Supreme Court
  • House of Commons
  • House of Lords
  • Magistrates' Court

4. What happens to a Bill that has been refused by the House of Lords but reintroduced to Parliament by the House of Commons?

  • It can never be reconsidered and must be scrapped
  • It has to wait a year before being reconsidered
  • If it is passed for a second time it can receive the monarch's approval and become law without the House of Lords' consent
  • If it is passed for a second time it automatically becomes law and does not need the monarch's approval

5. What is the committee's role?

  • To go through each clause of the Bill and propose amendments where necessary
  • To debate the Bill
  • To add extra clauses where necessary
  • To remove clauses where necessary


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