Stages of a Bill

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1. What happens during a money Bill's Committee Stage?

  • The committee choose several MPs from the whole House to sit with them
  • The same MPs from the committee sit as usual
  • The whole House sits as a committee instead of select MPs
  • Experts are brought in to sit on the committee
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2. What happens at the end of the second stage of the Bill's passage?

  • The Bill is commenced
  • There is a vote
  • The Bill is open to suggested amendments
  • The Bill is passed to another House

3. What happens if the vote is in favour of the Bill?

  • It is passed to the other House, where it goes through the same stages
  • It is amended for a final time and then commenced
  • It is passed to the other House and commenced
  • It is commenced in its current House

4. What is the fifth stage of a Bill's passage called?

  • Fifth Reading
  • Quinary Reading
  • Third Reading
  • Fifth Stage

5. How many MPs make up a committee?

  • Between 10 and 30
  • Between 20 and 50
  • Less than 10
  • Between 50 and 100


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