SPSS Mixed model ANOVA

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General Linear Model
I will indertake a mixed model ANOVA
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Within subjects factors
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Between subjects factors/Descriptive Statistics
Table of Means if entering data. Total cases of _ is greater/less than our min of 30 and absolute min of 20. There is/not a balanced design with _ in each between subjects group, less/more than desired min of 10. Survey has sufficient/too few cases..
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Box's test of equality of covariance matrices
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Multivariate tests
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Mauchley's test of sphericity
Examining mauchley's test of sphericity W(5)=_,p=_. Non significant: sphericity is assumed
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Test of within subjects effects
For the main effect of_ F(_)=_,p=_,n2p=_. non/significant with a _effect size therefore_. For the interaction (same again). Use greenhouse geyser correction if no sphericity
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Test of within subjects contrast
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Levene's test for equality of error variances
Comparing the variances between IV1 for IV2 separately. Non-significant in all cases, suggesting we have homogeneity of variances, a requirement for the ANOVA
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Test of between subjects effects
For the between subjects effect of _ F(_,_)=_,p=_, n2p=_. sig with effect size therefore there is/no sig difference between X(M=_) and Y(M=_).
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Estimated marginal means 1.
Grand means- ignore.
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Estimate marginal means 2.
Two groups, find the means in the estimates box to report with the test of between subjects effect of significance. Ignore pairwise comparisons and invariant tests.
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Estimated marginal means 3: Estimates:
Gives the mean value for each repeated measure
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Estimated marginal means 3: Pairwise comparisons:
Considering the post hoc tests for _ and examining the pairwise comparisons whilst applying the bonferroni correction. X had the lowest (M=_), significantly lower than Y (M=_, p=_) etc etc...
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multivariate tests
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Graphs: 3 in output, choose the best one
draw the graph and give an overall summary
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group statistics
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Independent samples tests
To compare mean DV between groups for each repeated measure separately. Levene's test, comparing the means etc...
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give overall conclusions of the pattern from the first to last repeated measure and if this differed for each group
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Within subjects factors



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Between subjects factors/Descriptive Statistics


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Box's test of equality of covariance matrices


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Multivariate tests


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