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2. What is sociolect?

  • A way speech is written.
  • The way someone speaks when influenced by their region, friendship goup or work context.
  • Using correct grammar in speech.
  • Any sound that is made by ther mouth.

3. what is an Utterance?

  • any sound made by the mouth (Could be a word statemoent or noise)
  • a way of using an exclamation mark in a script.
  • when someone speaks unclearly in a script
  • different words used depeneding on where you live.

4. What is an overlap?

  • when no one is talking
  • when only one person is talking
  • when two or more people talk over each other
  • When someone emphasises a word of statement

5. How is a brief pause shown?

  • (1)
  • //
  • (.)
  • (2)


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