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2. What is the independent variable in this study?

  • The participants performance on the tasks
  • Whether the person has undergone split brain surgery or not
  • Epilepsy

3. When flashed a dollar sign in the LVF & a question mark in RVF...

  • Participants drew a dollar sign but said she saw a question mark other answers
  • Said they saw a question mark and drew a question mark
  • Drew a question mark but said they saw a dollar sign
  • Saw a dollar sign but could draw anything at all

4. Which one is not a strength of Sperry's study

  • The sampling method used
  • The type of data collected
  • The sample size
  • The controlled conditions

5. Split brain patients had...

  • Short attention spans
  • Problems with short term memory and short attention spans
  • Perosnality changes
  • Nothing wrong with them


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