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Speer's early life 1
Born March 1905 into a wealthy family -Father was a Architect -Mother was independently wealthy and among the social elite of Germany - -extremely poor relationship with his parentsfelt he was rarely shown love -Speer felt inferior to his brothers,
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Speer's early life 2 2
at 17 Speer meet Margarete Weberfell in love -Parents objected to such a relationship with a women of a lower class -18 left school with high marks
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University education 3
1923 – studied Architecture at the Institute of Technology Karlsruhe 1924 – Transferred to Institute of Munich ‘Not interested in Hitler or His Political Party’ 1926 – transferred to Institute of Technology Berlinstudied under Professor Tessenow
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Introduction to the Nazi party and his reasons for joining the Nazi party: 4
-Worked at an Institute that was the centre for both Nazi and Communist Political rallies ‘I was allergic to any political commitments’ December 1930 - Speers students convinced him to attend a Nazi meeting on campus, March 1931 Joined the party
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Why he joined according to the third reich 5
made a almost hypnotic impression joined Nazi party without any research aware of a number of ‘rough’ spots in the parties doctrine believe Germany had a choice between either Communities or the Nazi parties
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Why he joined according to the third reich 2 6
while Hitler began to gain more power, he became more moderate and respectable Hitler’s alliance with old style nationalists changed his extremist attitude Speer stated that if he had known of what Hitler had intended to do what he did he whl
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Early work for the Nazi party 7
-Speers only contribution to the Nazi party was to drive members in his car on official business -regarded the Nazi party as: ‘A Vehicle through which to achieve his ambitions’ -surprised by the low level of intellect in the Nazi party
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Speer's rise in the party 8
-befriended Karl Hanke upon meeting him at the Nazi HQ -Hanke assisted Speer greatly with his career, was a key support and loyal friend September 1930 – Hanke offered Speer the task of redecorating Nazi party HQ on a unpaid basis
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Continued recognition 9
‘Luckiest turning point of my life’ -Hitler inspected Speers work and was impressed with the finished product, making a good name and impression on Hitler -Speer redesigned the 1st May day rally, which was later accepted ‘I had moved a step forwar
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Affect of nurenburg 10
July 1933 – Speer given the assignment to design the First Nazi party rally at NurembergHitler approved the plans without talking to Speer 1933 Paul Troost, commissioned by Hitler to refurnish the Chancellors residence in Berlin, Hitler remembered Sp
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Favour of Hitler 11
Speer now had regular contact with Hitlerinvited to dinners, building a friendship -Speer was made ‘Commissioner for the artistic and technical presentation of party rallies and presentations’ by Hitler
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Major work as an architect 12
1934 –design a permanent site for the Nuremberg rallies at the Zeppelin field. [one of Speers most impressive productions] -the 1934 Nuremberg rally was known as the cathedral of lights, filmed by Leni Riefenstahl in ‘Triumph of the Will’
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Appointment as first architect of the Reich 13
January 1934 – Paul Troost died -at 28 Speer became Hitler’s personal Architect -majority of Speers work was accepted with a simple ‘Agreed’ from Hitler
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What Speer was in charge of as faotr 14
Building a permanent Nuremberg rally site Designing huge complex’s, fields, stadiums and halls 1936 – Hitler gave Speer his greatest architectural assignment, ‘to completely rebuild the city of Berlin ‘Germania’ project – plans to be complete by 193
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Big appointments for Speer 15
1936 – Hitler assigns Speer to completely rebuild Germany, later known as the ‘Germania’ Project - Model for the plans were complete by 1937
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Issue of jewish flats 16
required the removal and demolition of 50000 apartments near the city centre, 23000 of which were occupied by Jews April 1937Law concerning the rental situation of the Jews -allowed Jews to be evicted for any complaint or conflict
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What did spears design for Germania include? 17
Monolithically huge buildings in comparison to great buildings of the world Grand Avenue Massive Arch of Triumph and the end of the Grand Avenue [engraved with 180 000 dead WWI soldiers names] Great Hall
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Early work as minister for armaments 18
Following the death of Todt on February 13th 1942, Speer appointed Minister for Armaments and Munitions and appointed Director of Organization
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Success of his role of moa 19
-this involved the Four Year Plan, preparing Germanys industries and economy for war -created the central planning board to coordinate production and increase productivity by 300%
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Issues relating to human rights 20
-toured Mauthausen concentration camp in 1943, expressing his concern for the wasted materials used for prisoners housing
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Issues relating to human rights 21
Foreign labour: from European occupied territories used rather than women for labour Concentration camp prisoners: September 1942, Speer claims to have asked the ** to improve conditions for the workers many Jewish prisoners taken to death camps
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Quote by Sereny on opportunism 22
Gitta Sereny ‘When Speer wanted something, he went after it, and the human cost did not matter’
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Quote by Speer on labour 23
Albert Speer ‘A further million Russian labourers for the German armaments industry’ -
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Quote by Bullock on war and Speer 24
‘without Speer, Hitler would have lacked the power to stage his fight to the finish’
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Define Nazi, in terms of good Nazi 25
The connotation of the word ‘Nazi’ is a highly emotive one, and is automatically suggestive of guilt. There is really no such thing as the ‘Good’ Nazi, but the question more rests on whether Speer was a BETTER Nazi than the other highly ranked offici
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Factors contributing to him being the good nazi 26
His role as Nazi Architect was a form of Nazi propaganda, scorched earth Policy, showed remorse and was extremely succsfgul minister of munitions
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Factors contributing to him not being the good nazi 27
Slave Labour, Jewish Flats, Knowledge of the holocaust, deliberate remorse
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Issues of Jew glass and own gain 28
Speer accepted a considerable sum of money from a fund at Goering’s disposal, in order to buy property not far from Berlin. In 1982 it was proved that Speer was anxious to profit from the forcible eviction of Jewish owned apartments in Berlin
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Speer's knowledge of the holocaust 29
during the Nuremberg trials Speer claimed to have had no knowledge of the Holocaust, many sources suggest otherwise Speer had knowledge about the final solution since 1943, he attended a conference at Posen which discussed aspects of the final soluti
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Speer's knowledge of the holocaust 30
Speer would have frequently listened to Hitler’s radical racist ranting, a central program of Hitler’s Walter Chronicle – out lines actions taken by Speers ministry to evict Jews from Berlinfeeding concentration camps
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Speer's early life 2 2


at 17 Speer meet Margarete Weberfell in love -Parents objected to such a relationship with a women of a lower class -18 left school with high marks

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University education 3


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Introduction to the Nazi party and his reasons for joining the Nazi party: 4


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Why he joined according to the third reich 5


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