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2. One way to create emphasis in your speech is to stress important points through

  • Both a and c are correct
  • a) use of signposts.
  • b) paraphrasing confusing questions.
  • c) repetition.

3. Detailed descriptions, examples, statistics, and definitions are important types of

  • concluding materials.
  • supporting materials.
  • transition materials.
  • introductory materials.

4. In order to make it easy for the audience to listen, a speaker should

  • use simple information to build up an understanding of complex information.
  • All of these are correct.
  • present only unfamiliar information; audiences will be bored with the familiar.
  • present as much information as possible to keep the audience interested.

5. Speeches that explain "how to" do something are called

  • events
  • descriptions
  • instructions
  • explanations


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