Specialised cells

Fat Cells - Help us to survive when...
food is short
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Small amount of cytoplasm and a...
large amount of fat
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Few mitochondria as the cell...
needs little energy
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It can...
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Cone Cell - Light sensitive layer of...
your eye (retina)
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Outer segments contain...
a special chemical (viual pigment)
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Changes chemically in...
coloured light (needs energy to change back)
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Middle section= mitochondria which releases energy neede to...
reform visual pigment
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Specialised synapse that connects to the...
optic nerve
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When coloured light makes the visual pigment change...
an impulse is triggered (synapse-optic nerve-brain)
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Root Hair Cell - Helps take water in...
plants to make it more efficient
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Xylem tissue carries water and mineral...
ions up into the rest of the plan
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Root hairs increase the surface area for...
water to move into the cell
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Have a large permanent vacuole that speeds up the movement of...
water by osmosis from the soil across the root hair cell
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Sperm Cell - Has a long tail that whips side to side to...
help move sperm towards the egg
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Middle section (mitochondria) provides...
energy for the tail to work
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Acorsome stores digestive enzymes for...
breaking down the outer layers of the egg
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Large Nucleus contains...
genetic info to be passed on
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large amount of fat


Small amount of cytoplasm and a...

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needs little energy


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your eye (retina)


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