Spanish Phrases

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I used to...
Solia + INF
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What a pity!
¡Es una lastima!
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What a shame!
¡Qué vergüenza!
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I used to like...
Antes me gustaba...
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The school timetable begins...
La jornada escolar empiezan...
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It's (not) prohibited...
(No) está prohibido
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Occasionally / From time to time
De vez en cuando
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Before I used to...
Antes solía...
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He/She teaches...
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On the one hand... on the other...
Por un lado... por el otro...
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The best thing is...
Lo mejor es...
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The worst thing is...
Lo peor es...
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I'm fed up with...
Estoy harto de...
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The lessons end at...
Las clases terminan a las...
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What a pity!


¡Es una lastima!

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What a shame!


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I used to like...


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The school timetable begins...


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