Spanish - Fruit, Vegetables, and Shopping

A revision quiz on the Spanish terms for fruit, vegetables, and other shopping-related phrases.

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1. Peas?

  • Guisantes
  • Gisantes
  • Huisantes
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Other questions in this quiz

2. Apples?

  • Mazanas
  • Manzanas
  • Mananas

3. Pears?

  • Pares
  • Peras
  • Pearas

4. Mushrooms?

  • Champinones (accent on 1st n)
  • Champinos
  • Chainiones

5. Tuna?

  • Atin (accent on i)
  • Atun (accent on u)
  • Atan (accent on a)


Ms Casas


A good set of flashcards that will help you to revise some basic vocabulary related to the topic "Shopping". Combine these cards with the "Shops Vocab" resource (, "Spanish vocabulary - clothes, materials and colours"( and "The shopping center - El centro comercial" ( You will have a great set of revision cards. 

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