Spanish Unit One - Part Four

Buenas vacaciones
A good holiday
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Pase una semana
I spent a week
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Fui en avion
I went by plane
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El vuelo duro...
The flight lasted...
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Mi hotel estaba en la costa
My hotel was on the coast
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Era muy moderno
It was very modern
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Tenia un restaurante fantastico
It had a fantastic restaurant
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Los clientes eran ingleses
The clients were English
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Los camareros llevaban uniforme
The waiters wore uniform
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Hablaban ingles
They spoke English
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Conoci a muchos jovenes
I met a lot of young people
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Eran muy simpaticos
They were very nice
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Mejore mi espanol
I improved my Spanish
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Hizo sol toda la semana
It was sunny all week
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Podias hacer...
You could do...
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Cuando fuiste de vacaciones?
When did you go on holiday?
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Adonde fuiste?
Where did you go?
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Cuanto tiempo pasaste alli?
How long did you stay there?
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Donde te alojaste?
Where did you stay?
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Como era el hotel?
How was the hotel?
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Que habia en el hotel?
What facilities did the hotel have?
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Que hiciste durante tus vacaciones?
What did you do in the holiday?
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Card 2


Pase una semana


I spent a week

Card 3


Fui en avion


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Card 4


El vuelo duro...


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Card 5


Mi hotel estaba en la costa


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