Spanish prepositions

To trick/ deceive
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To pawn/ give
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To accompany
Acompanar de
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To stay in
Quedar en
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To give credit/ trust
Fiarse de
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To complain about
Quejarse de
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To smell like
Oler a
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To regret something
Arrepentirse de
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To consist of
Consistir de
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To dream of
Sonar con
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To fix/ determine something
Fijarse en
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To be in a good mood
Estar de buen humor
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From house to house
De casa en casa
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To look like
parecer a
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To fear something
Temar + infinitive
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It is difficult to do
Es dificil de hacer
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To wait for something
Esperar a
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Even the children
Hasta los niños
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To be the last to speak
Ser el ultimo en hablar
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To collect someone
Recoger a + alguien
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As a child
De nino
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To take a long time to do something
Tardar mucho en + verbo
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To remember something
Acordar de
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Card 2


To pawn/ give



Card 3


To accompany


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Card 4


To stay in


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Card 5


To give credit/ trust


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