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Con respecto a
regarding/in relation to
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en cuenta a /al/a la
in account of
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Por un lado
on one hand
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Por otro lado
On the other hand
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Mientras tanto
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en cambio
on the other hand
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hay que tomar en cuenta
its necessary to take into account
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a causa de
because of
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para ilustrar
to illustrate
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en resumen
in summary
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empecemos por considerar
let's start by considering
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cuando se trata de
when it comes to
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como se puede ver
as you can see
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additionally/in addition
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a diferencia de
as opposed to
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even though
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No obstante
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Opino que
In my opinion/I think that
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Como yo lo veo
As I see it
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Es mi parecer
In my point of view/it's my viewpoint
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vale la pena resaltar que
its worth highlighting that
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to highlight
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es útil que (+subjunctivo)
its useful that (+subjunctive)
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es de esperarse que (+subjunctivo)
it is to be hoped that (+subjunctive)
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es requerido que (+subjunctivo)
it's required that (+subjunctive)
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es dudoso que (+subj)
its doubtful that (+subjunctive)
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es evidente que (+subjunctivo)
its evident that (+subjunctive)
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asumiendo que/suponiendo que (+subjunctivo)
assuming that/supposing that (+subjective)
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así que (+subj)
so that (+subjunctive)
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also/in addition
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para colmo
to top it all off
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for example/such as
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como nadie ignora/como es sabido
as no-one ignores/as its well-known
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Card 2


en cuenta a /al/a la


in account of

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Por un lado


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Por otro lado


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Mientras tanto


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