South Africa

General Election 1948
the National Party won overall, especially popular with white voters as they offered simplicity and safety. Malan became president. He appointed a cabinet that was made up entirely of Afrikaaners although they were only 13% of the population.
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What did Malan do for Apartheid?
He ruthlessly extended and enforced the already present laws.
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1949 Apartheid Law
Prohibtion of mixed marriages
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1950 Apartheid Law - race
Population Registration Act - forced each SA into particular racial group. Generations of mixed marriages made it difficult
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1950 Apartheid law - sex
Immorality amendment act. banned sex between whites and non whites, punishable by 6months labour. wasnt effective- both disliked it
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1950 apartheid law - power
group areas act - gave government power to declare areas for whites only
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1950 aparheid law - communism
the Surpression of Communism Act - banned communism and any political group which wanted political change
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1952 apartheid law - MUCH HATED
the abolition of passes act - contradicted its title. tightened the pre war pass laws
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1952 apartheid law - native
the native laws amendmant act - controlled the movement of blacks in and out of cities
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1953 apartheid law - separate
the separate amenities act - designated all public services and public spaces with sings specifying europeans only
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1953 education aparheid law
the bantu education act - brought black education fully under government control, black schools provded diff courses and not taught in english
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1954 apartheid law
the resettlement of natives act - Sophiatown got destroyed on feb 9th. got replaced by a white suburb and took 6 yrs to destroy
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1956 apartheid law
the separate representation of voters acct - ended the ride of cape coloureds to vote with the whites in elections. infuture they could only vote for four white representatives in house of assembly.
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What did Malan do for Apartheid?


He ruthlessly extended and enforced the already present laws.

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1949 Apartheid Law


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1950 Apartheid Law - race


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1950 Apartheid law - sex


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