son of God-Mark's Gospel

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son of God
most important title in MK
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Jesus identity is announced...
twice by God at baptism + transfiguration
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"you are my own dear son. I am pleased with you"
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mark expands its connotation to
give it fuller meaning
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picture of the messianic king helps the audience to
see Jesus as the one who brings the peaceful restoration of Israel
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the baptism paints a picture of
a son of god who transends human categories
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MK picture of s.o.g. shows a character who
brings a new world order. its not just a mesianic title. it identfies jesus as the divine warrior who deals the army of satan their final defeat.
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"this is my son, the beloved, listen to him."
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the story provides an
authorative pronouncement in the form of the heavely voice.
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MKs transfiguration juxtaposes images where
jesus takes God's place in the eschatiological scenario with the more clearly drawn distractions between jesus and the father, where God acknowledges him as his son who speaks for him.
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the wicked tenants
this echoes Gods address to Jesus at his baptism+ transfiguration. the demise of the beloved son anticipates the executions of Jesus
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futher christolgical significance-
this parable represents J as the ultimate agent of God. a vip distinction is made between God's messenger and J in the past.
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the high priest
"are you the Christ, son of the blessed one?"
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the question J is asked is
understood as asking J if hes the messiah, the SOG. Jesus confirms he is, "I am"
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Roman Centurion
the revelation of J's identity is complete. when the centurion recognises J as Gods son, his recognition is caused by the demonstration of power that has no natural explanation
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its no wonder that the SOG title is chief title for J in MK's gospel. this title shows J is more than a human being.
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Jesus identity is announced...


twice by God at baptism + transfiguration

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mark expands its connotation to


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picture of the messianic king helps the audience to


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