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2. What is the texture of 'Something's Coming'?

  • Homophonic
  • Monophonic
  • Polyphonic

3. The piece includes techniques to illustrate words. How do the instruments illustrate "the air is humming"?

  • Harmonics and trill on clarinets
  • Harmonics and tremolos on the strings
  • Vibrato on the strings

4. Changes in the time signature + _______ + _______ = feelings of excitement/anticipation

  • Tempo and syncopation
  • Tempo and tremelo
  • Dynamics and syncopation
  • Dynamics and slurs

5. What is/are the main theme/s?

  • Lyrical slow section
  • Quiet syncopated section, loud strident section and lyrical slow section
  • Loud section and quiet section


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