Solar Power

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1. What are the major economic drawbacks of solar power?

  • It is financially difficult to maintain
  • It has a high set-up cost and is costly to connect to the National Grid
  • It is weather dependent and so is unreliable
  • It has a low success rate
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2. Which solar panels are most effective?

  • Those which are closer to the sun, in cloudier areas with a small surface area
  • Those with a small surface area in sunnier regions to focus light strongly.
  • Those in high intensity sunlight, close to the sun, and with a higher surface area
  • Those further away from the sun, in cloudier areas and with a large surface area

3. What are the major energy drawbacks?

  • It is inefficient and is weather dependent meaning that it is unreliable
  • It cannot fully meet the needs of an individual
  • It cannot be implemented in dangerous communities
  • It produces less energy depending on the type you use

4. What are the two main types of solar panels?

  • Thermal panels and photovoltaic panels
  • Solar towers and passive heating
  • Black and blue panels
  • Photophosphorent panelling and absorption panels

5. What is the main unique advantage of solar power?

  • It is weather dependent
  • It is emission free whilst in use
  • It is more easily applied in remote areas than other resources
  • It is renewable


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