soil basics

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1. which farming practices do not help with the potential for a soil to act as a carbon sink

  • Tilling and Ploughing
  • using pesticides and fertilizing the soil
  • driving heavy machinery on the soil
  • allowing grazing on the soil
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2. how does water exist in soil

  • hydroscopic water, capillary water and available water
  • it doesn't
  • fills the pores
  • keeps air out

3. where does the soil store its nutrients

  • from available water
  • from pores
  • from roots
  • from air

4. which of these is not a reason soil is important...

  • it stores water for plants to use
  • it directly feeds many organisms
  • it regulates water flow
  • its provides a good engineering medium for roads and buildings, etc.

5. how does soil get its nutrients

  • from parent rock, the atmosphere and decomposers
  • from animals
  • from water


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