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a series of steps designed to solve a mathematical or other problem
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a set of commands that a processor can recognise and act upon
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a stored set of instructions for a computer to execute
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the programs that run on a computer
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software designed to carry out a useful real-world task
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a combination of hardware and operating system that supports the running of particular applications
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programming language
a way of writing instructions for a computer to execute
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machine code
instructions in binary used by the CPU
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low-level language
a programming language that is directed at controlling each machine operation
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high-level language
a programming lanuage that resembles a natural language. Each instruction translates to many machine instructions. It is problem based rather than machine based
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software engineering
formal methods to guide the writing of software.
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the boundary between systems or between systems and humans
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translation software that converts high level source code into machine code
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translation software that converts source code or user input into machine code which is immediatley executed one instruction at a time
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software that combines togehter a number of spearte object code files
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software that helps a programmer track down faults in a program
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operating system
the software that controls the hardware. It acts as an interface between the user and the hardware and also between applications and the hardware
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the ability of a program to load itself. Some small devices load their applications directly without the need for a conventional operating system
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web server
a server that handles requests to a website
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the lowest level of an operating system that controls the hardware
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a program currently being executed
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command line
the place where typed commands are given to the operating system
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user interface
the boundary between the computer and the user
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graphical user interface
a user interface that makes use of icons for interacting with the user
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a picture on screen that represents a file, a program or an action
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software that provides a traditional text based interface to an operating system
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device driver
a program that enables communication between a computer and a peripheral
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a signal to the operating system to stop what it is doing and perform a different task instead
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a small application that performs one specific task
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embedded system
a computer system that forms part of an electronic device
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software that is stored permanently in a device, such as control programs for devices
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software or hardware that requests services from a server
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software that provides services to a client or the hardware that is running it
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a small program designed to carry out a limited maintenance task
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virus detection
the process of discovering possibly harmful viruses in a computer system
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malicious software that detects what a user is doing and sends details back to the originator
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harmful software that is disguised as something useful
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software and/or hardware that limits access to and from a computer system
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disk organisation
the process of arranging files and data bytes on a secondary storage device
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a utility that brings togehter file fragments on a disk and collects all the free space in one area
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software used for entering source code when writing a program
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pretty printer
an editor that automatically sets out program code in an easy to read way
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assembly language
a low level programming language that uses more memorable mnemonic codes and labels to represent machine level code. Each instruction corresponds to just one machine operation
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software that translates assembly language code into machine code
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off the shelf
software that is aimed at many users and is sold 'as is'
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custom written
software developed specially for one or a few customers
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a set of commands that a processor can recognise and act upon



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a stored set of instructions for a computer to execute


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the programs that run on a computer


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software designed to carry out a useful real-world task


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