Sociology Youth Culture (part 2)

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Emmergence of youth culture
Leisure, Growth and specialisation of the media, emmergence of new musical styles, importance of style, increasing economic power of young people, impact of american culture, longer transition from childhood to adulthood, increase in birth rate.
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Ethnicity - Amy Chao
Tiger mothers, stricter parenting
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Ethnicity- Tony Sewell
Black boys are more likely to be assosiated with hip hop and go to prison
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Ethnicity- Mac an Ghail
White w/c boys join subcultures, status frustration
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Ethnicity- Connelly
Black negative labelling of black boys - turn to subcultures
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Process of learning our culture, taught the norms, roles and values
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Primary socialisation
Occurs in the early years of our life. Parents
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Secondary socialisation
Received later in life. Peers, teachers, media
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Agents of socialisation
Family, schools, peer groups, media, religion
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Values, norms, meanings, customs of any given society. A whole way of life for a group of people.
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Social inequality
Differences between class, race, gender, disability and age. Groups are unequal. ANITA HARRIS, HALL AND JEFFERSON, COHEN
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Social change
Change in the social structure such as a change from capitalism to communism. DURKHEIM, KARL MARX, ROBERTS
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Sense of self which develops as a child grows up and becomes an individual. CCCS, MCROBBIE AND GARBER, LEE
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General agreement, group solidarity of belief or sentiment. PARSONS
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Disagreement, struggle between different interests and groups in society
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Social structure
Eg. family, education, media, religion.
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An identifiable group within a society whose members shre common values and have similar patterns of behaviour
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Social rules which define what is expected of an individual in certain situations
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What stops you from doing things. Positive negative, informal and formal.
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Ethnicity - Amy Chao


Tiger mothers, stricter parenting

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Ethnicity- Tony Sewell


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Ethnicity- Mac an Ghail


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Ethnicity- Connelly


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