Sociology- theories of the family

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1. Radical feminists believe

  • the warm bath theory is important to society
  • all societies are characterised by patriarchy
  • society is characterised by a dependency culture
  • society is characterised by capitalism
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2. Murray said...

  • there should not be a reserve army of labor
  • benefits too high creating breakdown
  • Benefits are not high enough
  • early stages of capitalism women also worked

3. New right believe

  • benefits help young mothers
  • benefits create dependency culture
  • benefits help society
  • benefits do not help ed milliband

4. Somerville

  • Marxist feminists see progress made
  • rad fem fail to see progress made
  • rad fem see progress made
  • Liberal feminists see no progress made

5. Ainsley said that

  • women are takers of ****
  • roles include reserve army of labor
  • marxists were historically inaccurate
  • exaggerate imprtance of the family


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