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2. Pooling is...

  • Where both partners have access to income and joint responsibility for expenditure
  • Where men give their wives an allowance out of which they have to budget to mee thte families needs
  • when men have all the power in the family

3. Boulton found that fewer than...?...of husnands had a major role in childcare

  • 25%
  • 20%
  • 15%
  • 4%

4. Yearnshire found that...

  • the warm bath theory is false
  • the family is oppressive
  • The average women suggers 35 assaults before making a report
  • Marxists ignore the positives of the family

5. Oakley found that 25% of husbands had a high participation level in...

  • Housework
  • paid work
  • Childcare
  • Building


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