Sociology mega quiz part 1

What are the names of the 3 functionalists
Durkheim,Davis and Erikson
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What are functionalists two beliefs on crime and deviance
socialisation and social control
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What are Durkheim positive functions of crime?
Adaptation and crime, Boundary mainteance and Invitability of crime
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What is Davis view on crime?
Prostitution acts a safety valve for release of men's sexual frustation
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What is Erikson's view on crime?
function of social agencies(police) to sustain certain level of crime
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What is adaption and crime?
values give rise to new culture
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What is boundary maintenance?
purpose of punishment is to reaffirm society
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what is invitability of crime?
crime is normal and intergral part of all healthy societies
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what are Mertons 5 strain theories
retreatism innovation ritualism conformity rebellion
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what is retreatism?
individuals reject goals and legitimate means
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what is innovation?
individuals accept goal of money but use illegtimate means to achieve this
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what is ritualism?
individuals give up on trying to achieve cultural goals
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what is conformity?
individuals accept culturally approved goals
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what is rebellion?
individuals reject societies goals and want to replace them with new ones
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Name the three subculture theorists
Cloward & Ohlin , Messner and Rosenfeld, Ak Cohen.
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Name Cloward and O hin three subcultures
Retreatist Conflict and Criminal
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What is the retreatists subculture?
fail in legitmate and illegtimate opportunities
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what is the conflict subculture?
social disorganisation in a high populated area where violence provide a release for young men
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What is the criminal subculture?
provide apprenticeship to youths in a career in utilitarian crime
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what is the evaluation of Cloward and Ohlins 3 subcultures?
some retreatists users make living out of selling drugs
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What is AK Cohen alternative status hierachy?
boys fail to achieve to achieve via legitmate routes so create their own illegitimate opprtunity
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What is the name of the Dream?
American Dream
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What was this Dream?
an obession with individual money sucess winner takes all mentality
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why does the american dream exert pressure towards crime?
as people encouraged to adopt anything goes mentality
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what is the evaluation to Messner and Rosenfield theory?
not all crimes are committed byunemployed individuals such as money laundering and tax evasion
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Name the 3 labelling theorists?
Lemert Cicourel and AK Cohen
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What are the 2 effects of labelling?
primary and secondary deviance
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what is primary deviance?
deviant acts which are publicly labelled
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what is secondary deviance?
result of societal reaction
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What is Cicourel negotiation called?
Negotiation of Justice
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What is the meaning of the negotiation of justice?
law enforcement is class bias towards working class fit typications made by the police
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why is justice negotiable?
as a middle class youth less likely to be charged after arrested doesnt fit typical delinquent picture
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What is Cohens status frustration?
individuals reject mainstream values and turn to subculture
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status frustration offers
an illegtimate opportunity structure whereby values are malice hostility and spite for those outside their subculture
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What was Lemerts theory?
Primary and secondary deviance
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lemerts primary deviance occurs when
a person has been labelled as deviant or criminal but doesnt accept this
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Lemerts secondary deviance is when
a person accepts deviant or criminal label as self image
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primary and secondary deviance becomes means of
defence attack or adaption to problems caused by societal reaction
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Name the 3 types of Marxism
Traditional Neo and left realist
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Who are the 3 marxism theorists?
Taylor et al, Young and William Chambliss
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what are marxists view on crime?
see society as capitalist economy whereby justice system serve ruling class interests
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neo marxisms 6 aspects of deviance are
act itself,wider origins of deviant act,immediate origins of social reaction,effects of labelling,wider origins of social reaction,immediate origins of deviant act
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Taylor et al view is called
critical criminogenic
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Taylor et al believes in
evolution whereby there is evolving society changing peacefully voluntarism is where crime a conscious choice
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what is not taken into account by taylor et al
that some working class people are being taken advantage of by r/c
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who evaluates taylor et al view?
frank pearce
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what is frank pearce view?
laws benefit r/c such as health and safety laws keep workers fit for work
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however pearce ignores
relationaship between crime and gender
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Wiiliam Chambliss is a
Traditional marxist
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William Chambliss states and law making are
laws protecting property are important feature of capitalist society
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William Chambliss criminogenic capitalism is
crime is unavoidable as capitalism exploits w/c which leads to proverty
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who is left realist
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left realisms view is that
they see society as unequal and capitalist
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according to left realism causes of crime are
relative deprivation and subculture
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youngs subculture is
people in us ghettos opportunities legitimately blocked turned to crime
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relative deprivation
someone feels deprived this can lead them to commit crime
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Neo Marxists believe
w/c criminals victimise mostly other w/c people
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Traditional Marxists
concentrate on crimes committed by the powerful
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labelling theorists see
how w/c people suffer from criminals
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However Henry and Milanaic accept authorities definition of crime as
mostly being performed by the w/c
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right realism sees crime as
real and growing problem that destroys communities
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What is the name of Messner & Rosenfield anomie?
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What are functionalists two beliefs on crime and deviance


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What are Durkheim positive functions of crime?


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What is Davis view on crime?


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