Sociology Family Vocab

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Ascribed Status
A social position fixed by birth
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A position of power
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Beanpole family
Modern day family with fewer children and more generations
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Birth rate
The number of children born per 1000 per year
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Cereal Packet family
The term associated with the Nuclear family- Edmund Leach
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Child centeredness
Activity and choices are done with the children in mind
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Confluent love
Active and casual love rather than notions of romantic love
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Where a couple live together and are involved in a sexual relationship
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Commercialization of Childhood
Targeting children as a consumer
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Term used to describe the jointness of couples
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Conjugal roles
The roles played between husband and wife. 2 Roles-Elizabeth Bott, Joint and segregated
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Civil Partnership Act 2004
Gave same sex couples the same rights as married couples.
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'Dark side of the family'
Term used to challenge Murdock's 'rose tinted' view of the family
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Death rate
Number of deaths per 100 per year
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Dependency Ratio
The ratio of people aged under 15 or over 65
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The legal Termination of a marriage
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Divorce rate
The number of divorces per 100 per year
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Divorce reform act 1971
Irretrievable breakdown was an accepted cause of divorce
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Divorce reform act 1984
Time between marriage and divorce was reduced
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Dual Burden
When a woman must do both paid and unpaid work
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Empty shell marriage
A marriage where love and romance have gone but the couple stay together for economical reasons or for the sake of children
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Expressive Role
Dunscombe and Marsdaen- The female nuturing role
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Extended family
When nuclear is added to either vertically (grandparents) or Horizontally (siblings starting their own families)
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False Conciousness
Used by Marxists to explain how the Proletariat are manipulated by other groups
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Fertility Rate
Average number of children a woman will have between 15 and 45
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Functional Fit
Parsons suggested that the family has changed due to the change in society
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Gender Division of Labour
Husbands and wives separate roles
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Joint Conjugal Roles
Shared roles of men and women
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David Popenoe- Place emphasis on self fulfillment
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Infant mortality rate
Number of deaths
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Lone parent families
Families with one parent and at least one dependent child (90% female)
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March of Progress Theory
Sociologists who believe that the family is adapting to meet the needs of a changing society
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The legal recognition of a relationship
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Net migration
The difference between emigration numbers and immigration numbers
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Neo conventional family
Chester- Both work, may not be married however is symmetrical and happier
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Male ruled society
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Primary socialisation
Basic skills taught to children
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Reconstituted family
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The decrease in social significance of religion
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Segregated Gender Roles
Men and Women having separate roles
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Stabilization of adult personality
Parsons- Plays a key role in supporting members emotionally
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Symmetrical family
Willmott and Young- Roles are shared equally
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Triple Shift
Paid work, housework and the emotional role.
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A position of power



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Modern day family with fewer children and more generations


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The number of children born per 1000 per year


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The term associated with the Nuclear family- Edmund Leach


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