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Define: Identity
how we see ourselves and how others see us
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Define: social roles
parts we play in society
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define: Family
those who we are related too by marriage or kin
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Define: socialisiation
process we learn to become a member of society
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define: norms
unwritten rules of society
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Define: Values
ideas that it is worthwhile and important to culture.
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why may it be harder for young people to choose their identity?
family roles are changing so role models provided by parents made be out of date,
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What did the sociologist Sue Sharpe find out
When she asked year 10 girls in the 70's what their main aim was, they said it was to fall in love and get married
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what do we learn during primary socialisation?
We learn the norms and values of our society, this is taught by your parents you learn about your religion and table mannersa
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What happens when socialisation doesnt take place and we dont learn about our culture?
We can become "feral". An example could be Kamala who was raised by wolves and with no human contact she thought she was a wolf.
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define culutre
the way of life a group of people; it is learned and shared
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what are functionalist sociologists?
sociologists that believe that everyone has a function and without that then society cant survive.
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explain the function of: Regulation of sex
Parents restrict sexual behaviour but do give the opportunity for their kids to have sexual relationships. but also limit behaviour ie: LAW
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explain the function; reproduction
Women are having less kids "1.8" and at older ages. Two reasons for this: expensive having kids and changing role of women
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explain the fucntion: Physical care
babies and children are dependent on their mothers; ageing population means more people need physical care.
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Explain the function: social control
people would be ashamed if they broke the law. Also parents are legally responsible of theri kids. If they skip scholl then they could go court or if abused their kids can be taken from them.
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explain the function: emotional support
warm bath family .. people need to unwind and tell their problems to their family. Those that come from a warm family will become more confident.
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explain the function: economic support
estimated cost to raise a child is £165 grand. families earn money and decide on how to save it and avoiding debt.
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Define: social roles


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