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Birth rate
The number of live births per thousand of the population per year
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A marxist term for the capitalist class, the owners of production
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A socially defined age status.
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Civil partnership
2004 act gave same sex couples similar rights to married couples in respect of pensions, inheritance, tenancies and property
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Conjugal roles
The roles played by the husband and wife.
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Separate conjugal roles
Where the husband is the breadwinner and the wife is the homemaker. leisure time is spent separately
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Joint conjugal roles
Husband and wife perform both roles and leisure time is spent together
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Cultural capital
The knowledge, attitudes, values, language, tastes and abilities that middle class transmit to their children.
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Cultural deprivation
The theory that many working class and black children are inadequately socialised and therefore lack the 'right' culture needed for educational success.
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The things that are learnt and shared by a society or group of people and are transmitted from generation to generation through socialisation.
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Death Rate
The number of deaths per thousand of the population per year.
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The study of population, including birth, death, fertility, and infant mortality rates, immigration and emigration.
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Dependency Culture
Where people assume that the state will support them, rather than relying on their own efforts and taking responsibility.
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Dependency Ration
The relationship between the size of the working population and the non working or dependent population.
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Domestic Labour
Work performed in the home, such as childcare, cooking, and cleaning.
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Dual Burden
When a person is responsible for two jobs. Usually applied to women who are in paid work but also responsible for domestic labour.
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Educational Triage
The process whereby schools sort pupils into 'hopeless cases', 'those who will pass anyway' and 'those with potential to pass'. Schools then concentrate their efforts into helping those with potential, in order to boast the schools exam league table
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Emotion Work
The work involved in meeting the emotional needs of other people. e.g. looking after a sick child
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Tripple Burden
When a person is responsible for three jobs. Usually applied to the women, where she carries out housework, paid work and emotional work.
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Empty Shell Marriage
A marriage in name only, where the couple continues to live under the same roof but as separate individuals.
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Paying workers less than the values of their labour.
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Marxist Exploitation
Whereby the bourgeoise extract surplus value or profit of the proletariat.
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Feminist Exploitation
Whereby men exploit domestic labour of women.
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Expressive Role
The caring, nurturing, 'homemaker' role in the family. The functionalist argue that women are biologically suited to perform this role, but feminists reject this.
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Extended Family
Any group of Kin extended beyond the nuclear family. The nuclear family can be extended vertically (e.g. grandparents) or horizontally (e.g. aunts, uncles)
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Family Diversity
The idea that there is a range of different family types, rather than a single dominant one (such as nuclear family). This is associated with the post modernist idea that their is greater family diversity in todays society.
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Fertility Rate
The total fertility rate is the average number of children women will have during their fertile years. This is defined as age 15-44.
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A sociological perspective and political movement that focuses on women's oppression and the struggle to end it.
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Functional Fit
Parson's theory that with industrialisation the structure of the family becomes nuclear to fit the needs of industrial society for a geographically and socially mobile workforce.
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An organisation or social structure based on a 'pyramid' of senior and junior positions and top-down control.
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A group of people who live together and share things such as meals, bills and facilities or chores.
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