Sociology and Religion as a Science

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1. What are denotative language-games?

  • Based upon whether statements are true or not
  • They don't exist
  • Concerned with whether things are useful rather than whether they are true
  • Using the wrong language
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2. What type of theorist is Comte?

  • Positivist
  • Functionalist
  • Marxist
  • Interpretivist

3. What is one main feature of positivism and science?

  • Science is unstructured
  • Lab experiments are useful
  • Correlations may represent casual relationships
  • Using qualitative data is useful

4. Who believed that science operates through paradigms?

  • Kuhn
  • Comte
  • Popper
  • Lyotard

5. What type of approach to his research did Popper use?

  • Deductive
  • Inductive
  • Statistics
  • Surveys


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