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2. What is a nuclear family?

  • Woman
  • Man
  • Consists of a man, woman and their children
  • Man and woman

3. What is a reconstituted family?

  • One parent with a child
  • A married couple with no children
  • When a new family is created through remarriage
  • Family with 3 generations

4. What is a single/lone parent family

  • One parent with his or her children
  • A single parent and a lonely parent living together
  • Man and woman living together with their children
  • One parent with no children

5. What's a same sex family?

  • Two males or two females in a relationship
  • Has tree generations
  • One parent with his or her children
  • Involves having a breadwinner and a home keeper



why did u tag this education when it's nothing to do with education.

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