absolute mobility
the total numbers of people moving up and down the social class
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achieved status
status based on an achievement or merit
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part of the upper class those withn titles such as lord, duke, etc.
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ascribed status
status based on origin - family background
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(marxism) the owners of factories, farms, mines etc.
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the stratification system which used to be widespread in India
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large groups at different levels in society, based on wealth, income & occupation
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class conflict
(marxism) there is always a conflict of interests between the two main classes
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class consciousness
(marxism) when the proletarait becomes aware that it is being exploited by the ruling class
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when the affuent working class becomes part of the middle class
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the different levels of society in the feudal system
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the economic system of the middle ages
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intergenerational mobility
social mobility between one generation and the next
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intragenerational mobility
social mobility within one generation
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life chances
how position in the stratification system affect the lives of individuals and groups
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when those with talent and ability, and who put in effort, get the highest positions in society regardless of background
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occupational scales
ways of ranking occupations to decide someone's class position
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petty bourgeoisie
owners of small businesses, the self-employed etc.
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(marxism) the working class
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relative mobility
the chances of an individual from one class being mobile compared to an individual from another class being mobile
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a group with life chances below those of the working class
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asylum seeker
someone who enters a country and asks for protection from persecution in the country they have come from
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ethnic group
a group sharing a culture and sense of identity
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the classification of people into ethic groups
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institutional racism
when the way an organisation works has the effect, possible unintentional, of discriminating against an ethnic group
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ethnic minority
an ethnic group that is smaller and usually in an inferior position to a larger ethnic group
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a misleading set of ideas about what a type of person is like
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social construction
an idea that seems to be natural (such as childhood) can often be shown to vary enormously in different cultures so that what it means can be said to be socially constructed
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chivalry factor
when men treat women more favourably
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corporate crime
crimes committed by companies and business organisations
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offences and anti-social behaviour by young people
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actions which break norms and rules
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occupational crime
crimes which are related to the jobs
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relative deprivation
when people feel they are not well off compared to others
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any of the ways people can be punished for breaking norms
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when a group of people has a set of norms and values different from everyone else
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white collar crime
crimes committed by people in middle-class jobs (businesses, offices and so on) which are related to their jobs
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absolute poverty
not having the essentials of life
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beveridge report
the report in 1942 which led to the setting up of the welfare state
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contract between generations
money from taxes paid by people of working age goes to support those who are older; in return, the workers expect to be looked after in their old age
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culture of poverty
the theory that it is the norms and values of poor people that keep them poor
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cycle of deprevation
how poverty can be passed from one generation to the next
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environmental poverty
not living in a physical and social environment which meets expected standards
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services perviously provided by the public sector are provided by companies whose aim is profit
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