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1. why are women less convicted than men?

  • because men have time on their hands and get bored so turn to crime whereas women have children too look after and dont have as much freedom as men so dont have the time to turn to crim
  • because women are better than men
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2. what is a master status

  • your the master
  • The 'label' becomes the only important thing about the person and they start to act and conform to that label to show others.
  • it means your the best

3. define the term deviance

  • behaviour that breaks norms and values of society
  • behaviour that breaks the law
  • someone that's bad

4. What is crime?

  • a self fulfilling prophecy
  • an action that breaks the law
  • a label

5. what is the label theory

  • a name given to someone for the way another person thinks they are.
  • a sticky tag


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