Sociology Work

Jobs that we do for a purpose, often but not always paid
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The money people are paid as wages, pensions, or benefits
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Extrinsic Satisfaction
The rewards that we get for working such as wages
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Intrinsic Satisfaction
The enjoyment that people gain from the work itself
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Job Satisfaction
How much happiness and sense of worth a worker is feeling about the job that they do
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A time when there are money problems, jobs are lost and many businesses close down
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All of the time spent not doing work
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Activities that are done for relaxation or enjoyment
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Factory system
The system that meant people went to work in huge buildings specially designed for manufacturing goods on a large scale
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Cottage industry
Historical term to describe a system where people worked in their own houses
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Is the way that people make and use money
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Primary sector
Means jobs where people take natural resources from the planet
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Secondary sector
Jobs which involve making or manfacturing something
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Service sector/ tertiary sector
Jobs which involve doing something for other people or providing a service
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Industrial revolution
A huge change which happend in the 18th and 19th centuries which changed work and peoples' lives completely
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The idea that the world is becoming increasingly closely connected through new communications and technology
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Companies that are spread over many countries
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Weak economically
When there is not enough money and/or money is owed to other people
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Civil service
Workers who help the government carry out their ideas
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Get worse
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Financial services
People who help people choose how to invest their money
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Credit crunch
A term used to describe the problems caused by governments, businesses and people borrowing too much money
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The way in which jobs need less expertise to do
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When jobs that were done by hand are now done by machines
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When machines begin to control the work
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Divison of labour
When tasks that make up a job are split between many individuals
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When people use computers and phones and modern technology to work at home or away from the office
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The amount of work completed
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Working conditions
What it is like at work
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The idea that humans are acting in a way that is not natural for humans
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Marxist term to describe the way that work has become unnatural and unsatisfying for workers
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Being of working age and unable to find paid work
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Is the time when a person's working life ends
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A mental health condition where people feel extremely low and can't cope with life
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Money that is paid to people who are unemployed or in other difficulty
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Is the roles linked to being female including housework, caring and looking beautiful
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The role of the main wage earner in the family
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Gendered work
Is when men and women do jobs that are linked to traditional male and female roles respectively
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Norms linked with being male
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Emotional intelligence
Understanding how other people are feeling
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When a worker loses their job as it is no longer needed
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Feminisation of the workplace
When women's ideas and skills begin to be valued at work
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Ethnic pay gap
The difference in pay between different ethnic groups
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Ethnic minority
A group of people with their own way of life, nationality or religion that are few in number compared with the rest of society
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State pension
The money that people are given by the government when they retire
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Age discrimination
Treating people differently because of their age
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Casual work
Temporary work that is not important
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Is where an employee is paid per unit of work completed
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A workpla
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