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2. What does Davie say religion is becoming?

  • Religion is more privatised.
  • Religion is declining.
  • Religion is increasing.
  • Religion is more open.

3. Who studied the Azande tribe who practiced witchcraft?

  • Stark and Bainbridge
  • Evans-pritchard
  • Durkheim
  • Young

4. What 2 things does Bruce say is against Secularisation?

  • Cultural Defence and Cultural Transition
  • The Congregational Domain and The Holistic Milieu
  • Decline in Church Attendance and Religious Diversity
  • Secularisation from Within and The Spiritual Revolution

5. Give one criticism of Durkheim’s research?

  • Unfalsifiabilty.
  • It is ethnocentric.
  • Shared values are not agreed but rather imposed.
  • Logical Criticism - Teleology


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