Sociology Unit 3 Quiz

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1. What does Bruce say is the cause of Secularisation?

  • Social and Cultural Diversity
  • Cultural Defence and Cultural Transition
  • Technological worldview
  • Structural Differentiation
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2. Who wrote “The God Delusion” that explained why science is superior?

  • Dawkins
  • Popper
  • Mannheim
  • Merton

3. What 2 things does Bruce say is against Secularisation?

  • Secularisation from Within and The Spiritual Revolution
  • The Congregational Domain and The Holistic Milieu
  • Cultural Defence and Cultural Transition
  • Decline in Church Attendance and Religious Diversity

4. Who talks about relative autonomy ?

  • Horton
  • Maduro
  • Wilson
  • Niebuhr

5. Who talks about the relocation of religion and what example do they give?

  • Norris and Inglehart - Existential Security Theory
  • Davie - Believing without Belonging
  • Lyons - Jesus in Disneyland
  • Hervieu-Leger - Spiritual Shopping


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