Sociology - Unit 1

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Feral Child
A child brought up without human contact, for example Oxana Malaya.
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Private owners and businessmen.
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The workers.
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Glass ceiling
An invisible ceiling that stops women from achieving high positions and goals.
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Using more than one method in an investigation.
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Unstructured interviews
Like a guided conversation - an interview in which questions are not prearranged
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Wilmott and Young (1973)
'The symmetrical family is emerging due to joint conjugal roles between man and woman.'
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Ann Oakley (1974)
Criticises Wilmott and Young ('occasional input with the housework from the man is enough') and argued that 'women in paid employment still had the major responsibility for housework.'
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Crompton and Lyonette (2008)
'Despite more women being in paid employment, gender differences still persist!' 'Between 1960-1980 women began to spend less time on domestic chores due to increased use in technology'
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Caroline Gatrell (2008)
'Things are more equal in the sense that men now cherry-pick the best jobs, for example entertaining the children.'
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Pester Power
When children persuade their parents to make the decision they're in favour of through the process of nagging.
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Roseneil and Budgeon (2006)
'Single people were more likely to look to friends for emotional support than biological kin.'
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Young Old
Just at the age of retirement.
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Old Old
80s/90s and older.
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Ginn and Arber (1992)
'Material, health and caring resources influence independent living for elderly people' 'Social class, gender and ethnicity impact on an individuals access to these resources.'
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Religions loss of influence on marriage and divorce means divorce is more acceptable.
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Changing Social Attitudes
In the 1970's divorce was uncommon but now it is more acceptable as there is more available contraception and shotgun weddings are less common.
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Dobash and Dobash
'Domestic violence is evidence of patriarchy as it helps maintain mens power.'
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Material environment
Living conditions impact educational achievement as it can effect performance in school - no personal space to study in and bad conditions can make you ill.
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Parental Expectations
Parental expectations impact educational achievement as children strive to reach their parents expectations.
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Educational Maintenance Allowances are provided by the government in attempt to encourage students to stay in education. However they're not successful as students take the money and don't do the work.
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Moir and Moir (1998)
'schools are too girl friendly'
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Katz (2000)
'peer pressure impacts on boys achievement'
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Private owners and businessmen.



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The workers.


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An invisible ceiling that stops women from achieving high positions and goals.


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Using more than one method in an investigation.


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