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1. If matrilocal is when a married couple live near the Wife's family, then what is patrilocal?

  • Leaving near Wife's side of the family.
  • Living near father's family.
  • Living near husband's side of the family.
  • Living near mother's family.
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2. What is Dual Burden?

  • Women having paid and unpaid work.
  • Teaching norms and values.
  • Childcare and housework.
  • Cleaning the toilet.

3. Joint Conjugal Roles is when _____.

  • The roles are shared within the family, e.g. Washing the dish0es or DIY etc.
  • The parents agree on a set of roles.
  • The children do some chores too.
  • The family has more responsibility.

4. The darker side of the family includes 4 types of abuse, they are ______.

  • Sexual, Violence, Verbal and Emotional Abuse.
  • Verbal, Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse.
  • Emotional, Sexual, Mental and Physical Abuse.
  • Physical, Sexual, Financial and Food Abuse.

5. Which one of these is NOT a reason why Cohabitation became so easily accepted?

  • Affect on children.
  • Cost of marriage.
  • Couples did not like each other at first.
  • Easier to Separate with no legal contract binding couple.







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Quite good although the definitions for the triple shift and dual/double burden I was taught are different.



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