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1. The darker side of the family includes 4 types of abuse, they are ______.

  • Sexual, Violence, Verbal and Emotional Abuse.
  • Physical, Sexual, Financial and Food Abuse.
  • Verbal, Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse.
  • Emotional, Sexual, Mental and Physical Abuse.
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2. This traditional type of family consists of the parents and children.

  • Blended/Reconstituted Family.
  • Extended Family.
  • Nuclear Family.
  • Boomerang Family.

3. The three types of support that a family provides is _______.

  • Emotional, Financial & Economical Support.
  • Physical, Financial & Verbal Support.
  • Verbal, Physical & Emotional Support.
  • Food, Money & Shelter Support.

4. Which one of these is NOT a reason why Cohabitation became so easily accepted?

  • Couples did not like each other at first.
  • Cost of marriage.
  • Easier to Separate with no legal contract binding couple.
  • Affect on children.

5. This type of family is common in the Afro Caribbean community, most likely to consist of a single mother.

  • Boomerang Family.
  • Lone Parent Family.
  • Empty Nest Family.
  • Broken Family.





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