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2. Ann Oakley suggested two ways that socialises different genders. They are called _______.

  • Manipulation & Canalisation.
  • Secularisation & Socialisation.
  • Negative & Positive Sanctions.
  • Formal & Informal Social Control.

3. Duncombe and Marsden (1995) discovered the triple shift. What is the triple shift?

  • Women cook, clean and iron.
  • Men have paid and unpaid work as well as DIY.
  • Women having paid and unpaid work as well as childcare/housework.
  • Women having paid and unpaid work.

4. Divorce literally means ______.

  • When the parents separate permanently.
  • The separation of a couple.
  • The legal termination of marriage between two people.
  • When one partner cheats on the other.

5. What did Willmott and Young agree on?

  • Behaviour changes depending on your upbringing.
  • Family roles were perfectly distributed and equal. Women should do housework and Men should be the breadwinners.
  • It was unfair the way family roles were distributed.
  • Working class men were more likely to be criminals.





Great help thanks!


Quite good although the definitions for the triple shift and dual/double burden I was taught are different.

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