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2. What does sociology concern itself with?

  • Inequality of life chances and quality of life for all of society
  • just gender inequality
  • just social inequality
  • just terrorism

3. What are Bourdieu's three types of capital?

  • music, social and habitus
  • cultural, social and economic
  • cultural, habitus and music
  • social, habitus and financial

4. What do feminists think is the main cause of inequality of life chances in the social world?

  • differences in income
  • gender inequality
  • financial insecurity
  • social class

5. What was Paul Willis's famous study about?

  • upper class language codes
  • the link between working class 'lads' low career aspirations and low educational performance
  • why blue smarties cause hyperactivity
  • the link between lads culture and crime


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