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Language 3
Modood, William Labov, Mac and Ghail
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Parents support 2
Driver and Ballard,Ken Pryce
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Peer group culture 1
Tony Sewel
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Material factors 2
DFES 2004 , Smith and Noble
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Institutional Racism 3
Gill born, Gillborn & Ball, Pillkington
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Ethnocentric curriculum2
Board, Tikly et al
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{Language} Modood
Bangladeshi and Pakistani's lack fluency in English
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William Labov
Bangladeshi children seem to suffer the worst in terms of fluency in English
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Mac and Ghail
Pasta heads & high linguistic skills
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Gillborn and Mirza (criticises)
Doesn't prevent Chinese and India students from succeeding.
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{Parents support} Driver and Ballard
South Asian parents have high aspirations (such children more)
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Ken Pryce
80% of black families are single parent's families headed by women
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Pilkington (criticises)
Can't generalise all asians as pakistanis do bad
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Gillborn (criticise too)
Black males start with highest reading rates & leave underperforming
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{Peer group culture} Tony Sewel
hyper masculinity' black males pressured by rap culture to be anti school
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Lee Jasper (criticises)
white youth also buy into rap culture
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{Material factors} DFES 2004
Bangladeshi&Pakistani poor households (38% vs 18% of white)
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Smith and Noble
Cannot afford books, tutors food etc.
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{Institutional Racism} Gillborn
black males stereotyped and labelled 3x more likely excluded
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Gillborn and Ball
MC parents can guide their children through racist setting, streaming
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Found evidence of racially discriminatory practises in the allocation
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Mirza (criticises)
Black girls work hard to resist labels gender difference is 20%
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{Ethnocentric curriculum} Coard
white history and the good things about it, not the bad, symbolic violence.
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Tikly et al
Black youth resent the invisibility until slavery in history.
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Criticism to ethnocentric curriculum
back history month, cultural festivals are celebrated
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Criticism to white history and Coard
Indian and Chinese do well despite itWhite boys are failing
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Driver and Ballard,Ken Pryce


Parents support 2

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Tony Sewel


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DFES 2004 , Smith and Noble


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Gill born, Gillborn & Ball, Pillkington


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