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1. what does social cohesion mean?

  • means the sticking together of society when everyone comes together as a whole untied.
  • schools teach students the skills and knowledge needed for the work place.
  • schools sort students into the most appropriate jobs for the work place.
  • the movement of individuals up and down the strata of society.
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2. what do sociologists mean by academies?

  • funded by the local authority
  • funded by central government
  • funded by parents

3. what is the definition of independent/private school?

  • charge fees and set their own cirriculum
  • their faith may be reflected in their re lessons
  • accepts all students no matter what their background or ability is

4. what do sociologists mean by formal curriculum?

  • following the rules set by the head teacher
  • having detentions when behaving inappropriately in school
  • what is taught in lessons eg maths, english, science
  • what students learn by being a part of school life

5. what do sociologists mean by free schools?

  • funded by parents
  • are funded by the central government
  • funded by the local authority


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